The curriculum remains dynamic, comprehensive and most relevant. Along with the CBSE curriculum we include holistic educational systembased on child development patterns. We follow a well structures working method with proven International methodologies..

  • We follow activity and fun oriented method in primary classes that facilitate learning by doing wherethey do and they remember. We have potpourri of activities to kindle their imagination and thinking.
  • The secondary classes are following activity method. The weekly public speaking sessions, Table topic sessions help them to think on their feet and speak in view of improving their communication skills and presentation skills.
  • The Springs has its own special module for Islamic and Moral studies designated in accordance with the level of each student.
  • Class wise Morning assembly gives them a chance to perform in front of the whole school that unleashes their hidden potentials. We encourage team work that helps them give and receive appreciation. They take up the responsibility and it raises their self-esteem.
  • Personality development classes, Public Speaking courses, debate and table talks mould their personality.