Learning Processes


Daily school timing

The school starts at 8.30 am with a brief assembly everyday and a special assembly every Wednes day presented by children followed by breakfast. The school finishes at 2.30 pm. 


We have a team of teachers who have passion for teaching and love the children. They are well qualified and trained in our teaching methodology .Their role is more of a facilitator in helping children to learn actively rather than teach passively.


Teaching is more exploratory than explanatory at Springs which makes learning fun for kids. Great emphasis is laid on multiple intelligence development which is so essential for future training.

Parents as Partners

We treat parents as partners in the education of their children. Only when both the school and parents work in tandem, the learning goals can be achieved. We keep parents abreast with all the happenings in the school  through a variety of ways , that include an online school management software ,regular SMS alerts, emails and physical letters. Time is allocated for regular interaction with teachers and with the school leadership team in the school calendar.

Parent Teachers meeting

Parent can visit the school with the prior appointment on any day to discuss the progress, that their child is making and also see for themself the work that is happening in the class rooms. Apart from the above one Saturday at the middle and at the end of every term is allocated for the formal Parents teacher's meeting. Parents would have received a detailed assessment of their child a week before the meeting and he could discuss the progress made by his child in the last term and plan for the next term. The entire school leadership team will also be available for interaction.

Parent Volunteers

We encourage parents to do voluntary work for the school. The areas where they could contribute are being a substitute teacher – to work in the school for a day or two when a teacher is on leave or as a hobby teacher.


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